Can I Burn Wii Games The Easy Way To Copy Wii Games On Your Computer

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Can I Burn Wii Games The Easy Way To Copy Wii Games On Your Computer

Got a Nintendo Wii? If you do, you might be interested in how you can copy Wii games on your computer. Today we wanted to show you how it's possible to make copies of all your Wii games just by using your computer's burner.

We should point out that we aren't advocating makgin illegal copies of games! This information is intended to show gamers how they can make backup copies of the games that they own - something which is 100% legal.

As you might already know you can't just use the same software you use to burn cds if you are trying to make a copy of a video game. Programs like Nero or Roxio are not able to copy Wii games.

How come?

Nintendo Wii games use a type of 'copyright protection' on them (as do all video games) which blocks your computer from being able to recognize or "make sense" of what is on the disc. Because your computer can't read the disc, it isn't able to know what it is supposed to be copying.

When there's a problem, someone's going to find a solution! That's exactly what certain software companies have done - there are now programs that are able to "punch-out" the guards on video games. When you install this software, your computer is able to read the data that is on video game discs.

These game-copying programs aren't only for Wii games. You can also use them to copy PS3, xbox 360 or any other video game that is on a disc.

If you want to try a risk-free trial for this type of program you can use the link at the bottom of this article.

Once it's installed on your computer it's extremely easy to use. You insert the original Wii game you want copied and let your computer produce an "image" of the disc on it's hard drive. You then put in a blank disc and the computer will transfer the image onto it - this gives you a perfect copy.

It's pretty impressive that these programs are able to make copies of not only Wii games but all other video game discs as well. The companies that develop the software have spent a lot of money putting these programs together, and gamers are definately thankful! Enjoy and happy gaming!

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