How To Play Classic Dos Video Games

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How To Play Classic Dos Video Games

There are millions of video games out there, from Kong to

Snakes, sadly forgotten. The problem is that technical advances have taken over

and as a result, older games are not very compatible with today's hardware.

However, this guide will help you relive old memories for years to come.

Get a nifty program called DOS Box. With this application, you can play your

favorite old-school games of yesteryear, even the original Tetris, if you're so

inclined. Let's face it, these are video

games and arcade games at their best. I personally have a big collection of the

video games I grew up with under DOS, including Epic Pinball, Jazz Jackrabbit,

Tyrian, and many more. Whenever I feel like escaping reality, this is my

fastest approach to help me relax and smile.

Install the application to your computer. It might take some time to get used to, but

as soon as you execute it, the program will have on-screen instructions on how

to switch between hard drives and folders in the command-line interface it


You could easily - and legally - obtain many free game

downloads on websites dedicated to freeware titles. Such places may include, and Simply make a search for "Abandonware" or "Freeware games."

If you happen to dislike the old-fashioned command-line interface

that comes with the program, you can also download a small program for windows

that serves as a graphical user interface (GUI). One such program is called DBGL, which lets

you easily launch your library of games. Who needs an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

when you could play computer games?

Some games may have compatibility issues. In this game, located and open the DOS Box

configuration file to tweak a wide range of settings to fit your computer

hardware. Options include sound bit

rates, sound cards, serial port configuration, default screen resolution, and

much more. Depending on your version of

this program, you may find such file in the directory where you installed it,

or within your Operating System's Profile/user name.

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