Kinect The Latest Accessory To The Xbox 360

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Kinect The Latest Accessory To The Xbox 360

One of the most ground breaking businesses on this planet is Microsoft. They have came up with the windows operating system, many bits of good software and now they're involved in the video games industry. For quite a while the video games sector was dominated by Nintendo and Sony. In 2001 Microsoft entered the video games industry with their xbox gaming system and it has been strongly rivalling with the 2 ever since.

The latest rivalry between the 3 businesses is within the active video gaming category. People enjoy the idea of gaming by moving and running around in front of the television set. To accommodate those desires, Microsoft produced an add-on to their xbox 360 console known as the xbox 360 kinect . The kinect is a robust voice and movement recognition machine that allows you to enjoy games by simply moving the body.

What makes the xbox kinect unique is it's the one console that is 100% hands free. Its competition the Nintendo Wii and the Move each utilize remotes. This provides the kinect an undeniable advantage over its competitors. The less people have to do to have a great time, the better. It also gives the kinect with a benefit when it comes to particular video game titles.

For exercise game titles the xbox kinect has a huge benefit over the other gaming systems. Since there is no remote control involved, you are able to train with the full use of both hands and the entire body. This also means that the xbox kinect fitness video game titles can provide you with more workouts then any other console. While using the xbox kinect you can easily perform exercises like push-ups, stomach crunches and many more. As for the other gaming systems, you will be limited to only performing exercises that are game controller compatible.

The xbox kinect might have an edge when it comes to exercise video games but it also has a disadvantage in terms of shooting video games. Having a game controller for shooting video games feels much better then using your hands. Simply put, the game controller gives the sense of a real firearm while playing with your hands just seems irritating.

With that said, the xbox kinect is a great gaming system. I feel that through the years the kinect will improve and the games will utilize the kinects systems much better. The product is still new and it may be significantly better then it presently is.

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