Ps3 Console Easy To Set Up

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Ps3 Console Easy To Set Up

I received this for a birthday/christmas present from my brother and I have to say compared to the xbox 360 it is so much easier to set up, I love how light the controllers are compared to the PS3 Console wireless controllers and the fact that it's blue tooth makes it that much cooler. I can literally hide my PS3 Console behind the TV and the signal won't be interrupted. However, I tried to play one of my ps2 games and I was super let down that I couldn't get rid of my ps2 slim, it does not play PS2 games. Though you can create an internal memory card for them, I found this to be quite irritating especially when I found out the super cool older PS3 Console do.

I love that I can buy ps1 games on the PlayStation network though, it's super awesome.

Overall it's a great console and like the commercials say it really does do everything.

PS3 Console - A very good system epecially if you have small children around

The PS3 Console is a very good system and it's online and wifi is great. The games are all fun and the blu-ray display is nothing special if you've had an upconverting 1080p DVD player but the sound it a MILLION times better that anything in DVD-format. The games are varied enough so that when my little cousins are over I can still play fun games that won't give them nightmares. Plus, the games are in Blu-ray-rom format which means they are made like blu-ray movies in that the disks are virtually unscratchable.

I had a PS2 Console prior to my PS3 Console and i hava 360 and I lost a few games to scratches from both consoles because of my little brother mistreating the games. But the PS3 Console games don't scratch unless you take an engraver to them. This is a really nice perk because then you don't need to keep looking for replacement games. This is a really nice perk that isn't really talked about alot.

PS3 Console - Excellent Hardware

I never really planned on getting a PS3 Console as I already have an XBOX 360 and most of the games are more or less the same. But, I have been wanting to get a Blu-ray player for my new LCD, and with the new low price on the PS3 Console it just seemed like a better purchase than a stand alone. It is a great blu-ray player, good picture and sound, loads quickly and updates with the wireless connection. The interface is easy to navigate and it has lots of storage for demos, videos, music etc.

The hardware is way better than the Xbox except that it is missing IR receiver and doesn't work with universal remotes (like a harmony) without a work around (I have a Sony Bravia TV and Bravialink works great to control the PS3 Console). Overall I am very happy with the product it offers a lot of features for the price and is the best deal on a blu-ray player period. If I had to choose between an XBOX and PS3 I would keep the PS3 (but I would miss Halo and XBox Live).

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